In the last few years, recessed lighting installation has become increasingly popular. When people upgrade their electrical systems or remodel their houses, they tend to go for recessed lights install services. Todd Peters Electric can handle your recessed lights install, which will bring more beauty to your home. We are always careful during installations because we believe that one should never compromise on safety. We agree that recessed lights make your home look bigger and beautiful, but you cannot achieve this without a professional. A professional recessed lighting installer can tell you which light fixture would suit your ceiling the best and what trim you should use for different purposes. 

When it comes to recessed lights installation, a crucial factor to decide is if it will make your room look bigger or not. These recessed lights work on the ‘wall washing’ effect. Wall washing effect means placing the lights so that it is appropriately apart from the wall and away from each other. The higher your ceiling is, the more spacing you need. These are the things only a recessed lights installation expert would know about, and know how to fix.

Our professionals know which lights would suit you the best based on where you are using them. For instance, when we install recessed lights in the kitchen, we opt for installing more lights in a smaller area to focus on your countertops, cabinets, and drawers. Similarly, you can also select the colors you choose for lighting in a better way with some professional guidance.

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When we think about modern houses, one of the first items that comes to mind is recessed light installation. Todd Peters Electric recognizes the need for a comfortable home with dim lighting, and as a result, we offer the best recessed light installation services available. Our electricians are exceptionally particular when it comes to making your home look stunning. Any lights you choose, regardless of size or style, can be easily installed by our skilled professionals in any corner of your home.

Furthermore, when it comes to focusing on how much light you want to be emitted by a single light, we will assist you in selecting the appropriate bulbs or trims. There are various recessed light kits on the market today, and chances are you aren’t familiar with all of them. Our technicians may also assist you by providing a brief description of each fixture as well as  help you in selecting the appropriate lights for the location where they will be mounted. Since certain lights are designed to be fixed directly to insulation, if you ask us to add recessed lights in your basement, attic, or anywhere else with insulation, we will also assist you in finding the best insulation-compatible lights. 

Overall, we guarantee that our work will be clean, accessible, and completed as quickly as possible. We provide you with comfort and peace; whether it’s your office or home, we aim to complete our work as soon as possible and with a flawless finish.