An International study shows that electrical issues and malfunctions cause about 50,000 house fires each year. As massive as this number sounds, your house could be one of these caught in a fire too. However, the good news is everyone can prevent these house fires easily by contacting an electrician Rancho Cucamonga homeowners rely on – Todd Peters Electric. At the first sight of any issue, be sure to give us a call. People often do not check their electrical panels until a breaker does not trip or the municipality inspection is required, so avoid this issue by checking your electrical panels frequently.

Some basic signs of your house’s poorly managed electrical system can include the excessive use of extension cords, newly installed bulbs dimming and flickering, and strange odor. It is a reasonably agreed-upon idea that the buried wiring will work almost forever if it is not disturbed in the electrical world;, however, extension cords are the opposite of safety. When you keep using an extension cord, it keeps drawing more current from the outlet than expected. This cord can kink or short out, which would lead to a fire, or tripped breaker.

Furthermore, if your light fixtures have started to flicker continuously, ask an electrician to check it out (especially if you just got a new bulb and it is still flashing, ask your electrician to look into the issue.) This flickering or dimming is mainly caused when there are heavier electronic devices (that draw more current) connected to the same circuit as the light fixture.

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If you witness sparking or strange odors of something burning, then it is crucial that  you contact Todd Peters Electric for an electrician Rancho Cucamonga CA homeowners specifically rely on us because we are the best in the business. Sparking can happen in the electrical panel and in a separate outlet, both of which are dangerous. However, a sparking outlet is less likely to start a fire than a sparking breaker. You can switch off the electronic appliance in case you smell something strange or see any sparking. However, be sure to call one of our electricians at your earliest when you see it coming from the electrical panel.

Furthermore, if you notice that your outlets are heating up, you should ask one of our electricians to fix them. Remember that regardless of what appliance you are using, the outlet should never be heated up. Lastly, if your breakers or fuses get tripped frequently, you should discuss it with an electrician as soon as possible. Electrical issues get challenging over time, so the more you delay it, the more danger you will be getting yourself into. Before you call a professional for service, note if the appliance is the issue or your breaker; try checking it by plugging in the same device into different outlets.

So, in order to stop stressing about electrical issues at your home, give us a call right away. Our representatives may ask you to flip off a breaker until we get there, and then our electrician will inspect your house and inform you of what the issue is and how we can ensure ending it, along with giving you a free estimate.