Todd Peters Electric prides itself on its quality services and electrical expertise. We are undoubtedly the best electrical service providers in California. We have been offering our premium quality services for years now, and we have never received even a single unsatisfied response. Our priority is the comfort and safety of our customers. Whether you are a commercial construction company/contractor or a homeowner, we offer electrical solutions for everyone. 

We believe that you should instantly call us for an electrician Rancho Cucamonga residents love. Call us for our services as soon as you notice the first warning sign that there could be something wrong with your electrical system. Usually, the warning signs include regular breaker tripping, flickering, buzzing, dimming of lights (relatively new lights), chewed or frayed wiring (if you recently noticed rodents or similar pests that could damage wires, it is advised to get your wirings inspected). Furthermore, suppose you see any discoloration or marks of smoke/burn on the open areas of your house. In that case, that might be a warning sign for electrical problems, especially if you often smell the unusual odor of something burning.

Our knowledgable and experienced electricians can pay you a free visit to inspect what is going on in your home and provide you with a free cost estimate. Remember, our priority is your safety, so we opt for the lowest profit percentage on these issues to ensure that everyone can live safely without disturbing their budget. So, if you have noticed any of these signs, give us a call today. We will send our best-certified electrician your way!

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