An electric panel is a device that contains all the wires coming from the central power distribution unit into your home, which is responsible for further allocating electricity to different areas of your home or office. You can think of the electric panel as the powerhouse of your homes or offices. Several breaker switches are placed inside one electric panel, all of them responsible for supplying electricity to different portions of your home. Along with the separate switches, you will also find the one primary breaker switch that controls all the distribution as a whole. 

There are two reasons why you should get an electrical panel upgrade. The first reason is if you have an outdated panel that needs maintenance, and the second reason is converting from fuse boxes to breaker switches. As strange as it may sound, there are some homes even today that use fuse boxes. At Todd Peters Electric, we highly suggest everyone get an electrical panel installation if they are still using fuse boxes because breakers are more reliable and safer than fuse boxes. Electrical panel installation in your home may also bring you more affordable insurance rates. 

In extreme weather conditions, such as thunderstorms, electric panels may suffer. Electric surges are also another reason you often need to upgrade electrical panel at your home or replace electrical panel with a new one. During extreme conditions or electric surges, the current distribution gets disturbed, resulting in severe incidents such as starting a fire or could electrocute someone.  

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Apart from power disturbance, the improper use of electric appliances can also cause a breaker switch to trip. For example, suppose you are using a hairdryer, a microwave, A/C, or a Television simultaneously. In this case, this can result in drawing too much electricity from the power channel and causing the breaker switch to trip. This tripping may require you to replace electrical panel at your home with a new one. Often the tripping gets worse and causes a short circuit or fire at your home that damages the electric panel. If this happens, you should immediately use dry sand or a fire extinguisher to blow it out. You will need an electrical panel replacement after such an incident happens. 

Todd Peters Electric strongly advises you to upgrade electrical panel if you find your electricity usage to be high. When your breaker switch keeps tripping because of the heavy load, you need a solution. Todd Peters Electric can provide you with different resolutions depending upon your house or office size and the use of electricity. Our electricians are experienced and well-qualified professionals who have the best problem-solving knowledge in this field. Whether it is a broken panel or an extinguished one, we know how to install a new one to make your home safe again.

So, what are you waiting for? Get an upgrade or replacement from Todd Peters Electric if you need it!