Todd Peters Electric has been offering services to a significant part of California for years now. Time and time again, we meet families whose houses were suffering due to a lack of service that their electrical panels needed. We stepped in to help regarding their electrical panel repair as well as relocating electrical panel, and the families we served were relieved – especially when they heard how affordable our services were. Our expert electricians can easily handle all of your panel repair needs. Despite already being experts in their field, they are continuing to receive ongoing education regarding resolving electric issues, and complete their own research regarding new ways to solve electric issues. 

The long list of our satisfied customers is based upon the trust and credibility we offer them through our service. When your electric panels get destroyed or damaged due to thunderstorms or electrical surges, it is necessary to get a panel repair. Your electric panels, if appropriately maintained, can ensure the electrical safety your family needs. Not only homes, but offices need a safe electrical environment too. Offices and other commercial spaces usually consume higher amounts of electricity than homes or residential areas.  The employees must know how they can prevent drawing too much electricity that could cause tripping. Remember, the more often tripping happens, the worse your panel’s condition becomes, so it’s important to be aware! 

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If your house was built years ago, chances are your electrical panel might not be recessed according to government code. Furthermore, if your home is being assembled and you want to receive recessed electrical panel installation services, Todd Peters Electric can help you out. Whether you need relocating electrical panel services after your panel suffered in extreme conditions or you want us to repair your panels, we are here for it all. We are well-known throughout California for providing our customers with the exceptionally best services. Todd Peters Electric is a licensed and reputable electrician service company aiming to make your life simpler by providing high-quality services at low costs. We provide high-quality services and take pride in providing you with the best possible service. Our electricians are both very talented and knowledgeable in their field, and they continue to attend trainings to stay up to date with the most innovative techniques regarding electricity.

You will not have to think about all the switchboards hanging out or needing repairs once you recruit us. You do not have to be concerned about secure electrical wiring in the areas we work on at your home or workplace. If you’d like a free estimate before starting your project, our electricians will come to your home! We strive for customer loyalty, and satisfied customers are our top priority. As a result, we have built several policies to help our clients trust us with their homes or businesses. So, what else is there to wait for? Call us now to solve all your electrical problems!